Once you’ve joined High Street Loyal, everything works automatically. You’ll be set up with a shop front on the High Street Loyal website and you’ll need to set a points offer for customers. 

After that, every time a customer who has joined the scheme makes a purchase using their registered Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, they will automatically receive points. Our systems will track their purchase and award points automatically behind the scenes.  

This means High Street Loyal works using your existing payment systems and needs no new systems whatsoever.

High Street Loyal is just as simple for customers as it is for businesses. Customers join for free and sign up simply by registering their Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card. They then automatically earn High Street Points when they make a purchase at participating High Street Loyal businesses. 

Customers can also choose to spend their High Street Points at any participating business and will automatically get cashback credited on their payment card account.

There’s no cost for a business to join, and there are no hidden administration costs or upfront payments of any kind. 

You simply provide a points offer to your customers, and the offer rate pays for High Street Loyal services. This covers not only the cost of the points awarded to customers but also all the High Street Loyal marketing and loyalty services you benefit from.

The points offer rate for your customers is a % of the total transaction and you can choose the rate you set.  An offer rate of 10% will give customers two points per £1 spent; 15% will give 3 points per £1 spent;  20% or more will give customers more points per £ spent. You can use higher points offer rates as a promotional tool to incentivise customer purchases during times when your business is quiet.

The points offer rate covers the cost of the points awarded to customers as well as all the High Street Loyal marketing and loyalty services that you get by joining the programme, including:

  • Your own business page or shop window on the High Street Loyal website with your location details and points offer postings
  • Points Offer Rate marketing tools – for example, post higher points offer during slow period or add bonus points for higher spend
  • Personalised post-purchase mobile messaging to thank customers and notify them of how many points they earned 
  • Rewards account management and ongoing promotion and customer service for your customers

High Street Points are awarded on all transactions of £5 and over unless otherwise indicated on the business information page.

Once you have signed up your business for High Street Loyal, you will be provided with secure log on access to the Merchant Portal to monitor your results.

To spend their points (ie, redeem them) and get cashback to their payment card account, customers simply go to their account page on the High Street Loyal website. Here they convert a selected number of points into a virtual voucher with a cash value. They then select the business they want to spend it at. When they make their next purchase at that business, they get the cash value of the virtual voucher back on their Visa or Mastercards.

One point is worth 2p. 50 points are worth £1.

There’s nothing you need to do and no charge to you when a customer spends their points with your business. High Street Loyal manages the redemption process and automatically sends cashback to the customer’s payment card account.

If the item is exchanged for something of the same value, there is no change to the value of the points. If the value of the exchanged item is different from the original purchase, or if a customer gets a refund, an adjustment will appear on your invoice to reflect the difference in points awarded.

First complete the Registration Form. A High Street Loyal representative will be in touch to finalise a short agreement document with you. You choose your points offer rate and your merchant details will be posted on the High Street Loyal website within 7-10 business days.

All that’s needed is:

  • Your points offer rate 
  • A completed and authorised agreement document

    We will create your digital shop front using your existing internet profile and publish your offer on the website.

Or, provide us with the following: 

  • A high resolution image of your brand logo
  • A description of your business
  • An image of your business (eg shop front, interior, products)

You can simply email High Street Loyal on [email protected] and advise the new points offer you want to run and for what time period. An agent will confirm your request by email prior to posting your new offer on the website. 

You can cancel at any time by sending a cancellation request by email to [email protected] with 60 days’ notice. 

You can email High Street Loyal on [email protected]